Nick Deflorio

Global Director

Nick Deflorio the global founder of OnyxCrypto education has been trading since 2016, he founded OnyxForex in 2019 and has now transitioned into the Crypto Trading space due to the sheer potential of the fastest growing financial market of all time.

Nick Deflorio stumbled across trading in 2016 whilst working in a high-end real estate job when a colleague in his office was day trading and making a consistent income on the side of his full time job.

‘’When I started out as a beginner, I found that the vast majority of educational material available for traders online was teaching outdated and inconsistent strategies. I spent over 2 years trading with no results and inconsistency so I knew once I got consistently profitable, I could make an impact on thousands of people. How? I teach people the right skills and knowledge to become their own consistently profitable traders.’’

Now, I’m sharing what I have learned over the past 7 years with a growing community of motivated individuals from all across the globe who are consistently generating results and building themselves a truly rewarding lifestyle business.
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Education is Key

75-90% of Traders Fail Without Proper Education & Processes.
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