About Us

Our Mission:
Educate everyday people and equip them with the skills, knowledge and strategies to
turn trading into a life-long skill so they can trade from anywhere in the world with confidence.

Why we exist:

Help the world trade  smarter without the confusion.

Onyx Trading Education focuses on teaching people real-life skills. The realisation that the trading industry can be confusing and a hard skill to master is the reason we exist. Nick Deflorio started trading in 2016 and saw a gap in the market for simple and effective trading education. Trading is a lucrative skill when you get it right. Our goal is to teach time tested education to the masses.
Onyx Trading Education has built a comprehensive online e-learning program  covering nearly every aspect of Technical Analysis, from crucial fundamental market understanding all the way to price action-based analysis. We have a proven track of successful education and we teach trading in an easy to understand, simple and effective way, no gimmicks, no ‘’get rick quick’’ just proper trading education, that works.

Trading Education, By Real Traders

Nick Deflorio (Founder) started trading in late 2016 and is the main educator with a passion for sharing his knowledge with motivated individuals looking to learn this skill the right way.

Onyx Trading Education stemmed from Onyx Forex (Program) and recently Onyx Crypto (Program), our first trading program launched in 2020 and quickly found its place as the go-to brand for beginner trading education worldwide.

Onyx Trading Education is a program that teaches you HOW to trade. Not just for one specific market, since the skill is transferable to all markets, our strategies and technical analysis approach applies to all markets.

Nick Deflorio relates to the average person who is getting into trading as a beginner or even struggling in the markets in the early stages as he was there himself. Trading is not easy, and to be a consistent and confident trader you need the right knowledge. Our goal at Onyx Trading Education is to teach you a battle-tested knowledge base so you can get trading right, while having a community of like-minded motivated individuals who care about your success, every step of the way.                             

Our core team.

Nick Deflorio
Founder & Educator
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Reece Mau'u
Enrolment Specialist
Matthew Travis
Enrolment Specialist
Celine Hakki
Customer Success

Education is Key

75-90% of Traders Fail Without Proper Education & Processes.
Matthew Parker
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Trusted Educators for over 1500+ students in 8 countries


Onyx Trading Education, started by Nick Deflorio, a renowned trading educator since 2020. Our educational program is built to take everyday people and turn them into confident and self-sufficient traders.

Matthew Parker
🇦🇺 AUS MemberKym Albert
🇬🇧 UK Member
Trusted Educators for over 1500+ students in 8 countries
1500+ Members
We have educated over 1500 people since inception in 2020
83% Completion Rate
83% of people who join our program, finish the entire program. People get hooked to learning what we teach.
7 Years Of Trading Experience
Our head coach Nick Deflorio started trading in 2016 and has 7 years of live trading experience.
Rated 4.7 Stars On Trustpilot
We are consistently rated highly on Trustpilot and have a track record of happy students from all across the world.

Our Onyx Core Principles

Result driven
We believe in cold, hard results - our number one goal is our students educational success.
We have a strong belief that every member of our program is a key pillar to the community, our community is a key element to the success of our education.
We continue to evolve and always will. We will continue to evolve our educational process and optimise what works and remove what doesn't.

We teach everyday people the skills, knowledge and strategies so that they can trade confidently and build a life-long skill for themselves.

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